Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 4, 2012 Letter

Hymn 283 – The Glorious Gospel Light Has Shone         January 4, 2012

Mom, Dad, and Family,

What an amazing, humbling, spiritual day!  First I received my badge.  What an amazing feeling to be a marked representative of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Then I met my companions, Yes, plural.  We are the only 3 pair in the district and zone.  They are Elder Taylor James Barzee from Terreton, Idaho and Elder Jacob Craig Mortensen from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Elder Mortensen is not actually born there, but he lived there for 4 years before coming out to the MTC.  We are all very excited and not shy at all.  We are getting along famously.  Our district and zone is the biggest they told us. Only one of our district companionships are not going to the Massachusetts Mission.

Sherrada, sister missionaries are so special.  They can do so many things that many if not all the elders can’t.

Mom and Dad, I have already met Elder J.T., Elder Cameron Preston, Elder Lincoln Worthington, and Elder Brenden Murphy from DRHS.  They are all doing so well.  Also, Sister Garcia from our district is from Gilbert, Arizona.  The MTC is absolutely amazing.

Oh, and Cody, the showers are still the same, but we are lucky and in the right building with separate ones.


                                                                   Elder Torren Garret Wilhelmsen

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