Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures from Elder Wilhelmsen

Elder Wilhelmsen in Provo
At the Map!
Elder Wilhelmsen's Trainer


Monday, January 30, 2012

 Torren with President and Sister Evans upon arriving in the mission field.
                                  Massachusetts Boston Mission Logo

Torren is currently serving in a University ward in mid Cambridge, MA that serves students going to Harvard, BU, MIT, and other schools.  His companion is Elder Crandell and is on his last transfer.  He is loving the work and the people.  In fact he already has asked us to pray for a young Harvard man they are teaching.  Nathan needs to pray with real intent to know if the gospel is true.  If you would like to join us in fasting for Nathan, we will be doing so on Sunday, February 5th.

January 30, 2012 E-mail

Sherrada and family,

I loved the MTC! Such a spirit there with The Lord's hand in everything! I will miss being there with my little ones sooo much! I love them more than anything!

Lydia: I'm so glad you're doing so well for mommy and daddy sleeping in your big girl bed! Such a good helper and good girl. You're growing up sooo fast! I'm happy you are pretending to be a missionary! The Sister Missionaries are sooo cool! They are really good teachers! I miss you a lot so you will have to send me lots of pictures!

Bryson: I'm so glad he is walking now! He's sooo big! What a big kid to sit in nursery! I'm glad he's alright even though he's tough on himself. I miss him so much!

I love you all a ton an thanks so much for helping with the goodies!

- Elder Wilhelmsen

P.S. Give both those cute little ones great big hugs for me!

January 30, 2012 E-mail to parents

Mom, Dad, Family, and anyone else it concerns,
     I have arrived into the mission field! I've been assigned to the Cambridge South Zone (aka The Dirty South). I'm serving in the University Ward here that encompasses all the universities such as Harvard, BU, MIT, etc. It's awesome! My companion is Elder Crandell and he is on his very last transfer! We are working very well with eachother. He says he feels like I'm training him. Our bishop, Bishop Porter is actually the House Master of the main housing at Harvard. He's also a professor there. The ward's number one goal is Missionary work. Brother Johnny Palmer is our Ward Mission Leader and has been on fire and says he only hopes to get better. Brother Palmer is also working on the Romney campaign in the Logistics department which is awesome.

     Mom, thanks for the notes from Stake Conference! President Decker also sent me a recap of Stake Conference. I did get the package in the MTC and the package here with the gift I won't open till Valentines. Thanks Mom, Dad, and the Matthews! Also, thank you Jordyn for your picture! I love it. Everyone can continue sending everything to the office. That's how they do it here and then forward it. It only takes like one extra day. Mom, this winter is very warm comparatively so the thermals may be good for next winter so whenever you want to send them. I've been pretty warm with just half of my coat so far. I won't need a bike because of the fantastic public transportation here.

     The previous elders got fed here like once a month since it's not like a family ward (however, I sent around a dinner calender for us yesterday and already have 12 dates filled so I think they just must like us better) but we went out and got groceries from Market Basket (super getto) but the prices weren't too bad. I will look forward to using any possible coupons.

     Dad, I was not there for any Elder Jensen. Great answer to the prayer though! If you guys in the branch need any suggestions, between Bishop Porter, Brother Palmer, and I we could probably give some good pointers.

     Mom, I never did see Elder Fallis actually. Also, today is P-Day.

     I hope I'm getting to everything here. I'm very excited, humbled, and blessed to be here and serve The Lord.

     Finally, I need all of your help. We taught Nathan last night. He is a super smart, intellectual kid here at Harvard. He actually lives is Bishop Porter's house that he is House Master over. Anyways, we can't get him to pray with real intent to know if the church is true or really if any part of it is true. He asked if anything would make us fall away from our faith and when we said no that we knew it was true because God told us throught the Holy Ghost, he said he is worried for us (lol) because we are saying there is 0% chance this church could be wrong and we could be lost forever. So, I need you all to pray (and maybe even fast if you feel willing and comfortable) at your convenience that Nathan will soften his heart to the spirit and the word of God and that he might ask with real intent and faith to recieve an answer. That would be SOOO helpful and I would sure appreciate it. He is a great kid. This is open to anyone so if anyone that does not see this wants to participate, that would be great. The more the better.

Thank you all and I love you all very much!

Elder Wilhelmsen

P.S. - I still don't have clearance for Flicker yet. So, we will hope that gets through soon! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On the way to Boston via Delta Airlines

Today is the day

I’m not going to hold it in any more.
This world needs what I have to say, today.
Thousands of years of souls fighting for
The day of truth restored, have paved my way.
For everyone who chose this path and the aftermath
Gave me all I have, as I stand at this door.

Today is the day I will open my mouth.
I will shout from the roof tops, the truth will come out.
And I’m sharing my soul in the words that I speak,
with a love that has made me this way.
Yes, today is the day I proclaim what I believe.

I can’t control the souls in front of me.
Those who listen to my voice make their choice
Umm, what they leave and what they take,
If they stay or walk away,
How they feel once they’ve closed the door.
So I won’t worry about their fears or doubts,
As I walk out to this world once more.

Today is the day I will open my mouth.
I will shout from the roof tops, the truth will come out.
And I’m sharing my soul in the words that I speak,
with a love that has made me this way.
Yes, today is the day I proclaim what I believe.

Oh, the gospel’s the Good News of life everlasting,
And families that won’t fade away,
I stand as a witness that love lasts forever
And I will not wait one more day, to say,

Oh,  today   is  the   day   that   I    pro  - claim.
I’m sharing my soul in the words that I speak,
with a love that has made me this way.
Yes, today is the day, is the day.
Yes, today is the day I proclaim what I believe.

                        Sung by David Osmond on ”The Work”
                                A Nashville Tribute to Missionaries

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 4, 2012 Letter

Hymn 283 – The Glorious Gospel Light Has Shone         January 4, 2012

Mom, Dad, and Family,

What an amazing, humbling, spiritual day!  First I received my badge.  What an amazing feeling to be a marked representative of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Then I met my companions, Yes, plural.  We are the only 3 pair in the district and zone.  They are Elder Taylor James Barzee from Terreton, Idaho and Elder Jacob Craig Mortensen from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Elder Mortensen is not actually born there, but he lived there for 4 years before coming out to the MTC.  We are all very excited and not shy at all.  We are getting along famously.  Our district and zone is the biggest they told us. Only one of our district companionships are not going to the Massachusetts Mission.

Sherrada, sister missionaries are so special.  They can do so many things that many if not all the elders can’t.

Mom and Dad, I have already met Elder J.T., Elder Cameron Preston, Elder Lincoln Worthington, and Elder Brenden Murphy from DRHS.  They are all doing so well.  Also, Sister Garcia from our district is from Gilbert, Arizona.  The MTC is absolutely amazing.

Oh, and Cody, the showers are still the same, but we are lucky and in the right building with separate ones.


                                                                   Elder Torren Garret Wilhelmsen

January 3, 2012 Letter

Hymn 294 – Love At Home                                                                                                     January 3, 2012

Mom, Dad, and family;

            What a joyous time has come.  Tomorrow I enter into the MTC.  I am so humbled and excited.  I know that I would be nowhere near where I am today without all of you.  Mom and Dad, you have been great parents and examples to all of us kids and continue to be for all of us and all your grandchildren.  Brandon, Sherrada, Kalei; you have all been such tremendous examples to me.  You all have shown me exactly how to take the things Mom and Dad have taught us and obey and thrive.  What examples you have all been as you have been married and started families.  Your examples, as well as the many urgings of the Brethren this year, have shown me where my focus and priorities should be after my mission.  Erin, Cody, Craig; You too have been such amazing examples and supports to me.  I am so glad to have each and every one of you as a part of our family.  Damien, Jordyn, Aiden, Lydia, Lucas, Brielle, and Bryson; I love you all so much.  You are absolutely the most adorable people on Earth.  You add light to my life.  Please draw pictures for me a lot, and make sure your mom and dad write me a lot as well.  Gram, I love you so much as well.  I have enjoyed the years of getting to know and love you.  I so appreciate all of your love, support, and encouragement.  Keep up on your family history work.  You are doing missionary work beyond the veil, which is so important.  Think of these two years as your mission, too, in that sense.  I look forward to coming home and having you, Mom, and I work together after Mom graduates.

I really do love you all so very much.  I thank you all for your measureless support, love, encouragement, guidance, and so much else.  I look forward to hearing from all of you often on my mission.  I hope that all of you will feel of my spirit and the spirit of my mission as I’m serving.

                                                                                Sincerely with love,

                                                                               Elder Torren Garret Wilhelmsen

                                                                                Massachusetts Boston Mission