Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 E-mail

Sherrada and family,

I loved the MTC! Such a spirit there with The Lord's hand in everything! I will miss being there with my little ones sooo much! I love them more than anything!

Lydia: I'm so glad you're doing so well for mommy and daddy sleeping in your big girl bed! Such a good helper and good girl. You're growing up sooo fast! I'm happy you are pretending to be a missionary! The Sister Missionaries are sooo cool! They are really good teachers! I miss you a lot so you will have to send me lots of pictures!

Bryson: I'm so glad he is walking now! He's sooo big! What a big kid to sit in nursery! I'm glad he's alright even though he's tough on himself. I miss him so much!

I love you all a ton an thanks so much for helping with the goodies!

- Elder Wilhelmsen

P.S. Give both those cute little ones great big hugs for me!

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